Saraki and the Hollow Senate
Saraki took to Facebook recently to lament that a clique may have hijacked the government of Muhammadu Buhari. Hear him: “What has become clear is that there is now a government within the government of President Buhari that has seized the apparatus of executive powers to pursue a nefarious agenda.” Really? That would be quite… (0 comment)

The Existential Threat of Britain’s Exit of the European Union
The shockwaves, the existential threat and exhaustion of the exit of Britain from the European Union has caused financial markets great panic and concern. The geopolitical and economic crisis that the detachment of Britain will pose to the global financial system will be an economical tsunami. It has also caused the envisioned political class in… (0 comment)

Between Obanikoro and Onikoro
We have got an identity problem to deal with, first and foremost, in this essay. The identity of the subject seems to be two but embedded in one! One is a Nigerian citizen of Lagos state origin and the other an American citizen of Nigerian origin. One is officially called Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro and the… (0 comment)

The Unbearable Cost of Political Foolishness
I have written before about the profound pain that attaches to the vocation of commenting regularly on Nigeria. I wake up each day hoping, nay praying, that those who occupy the spaces of “leadership” in Nigeria would not sink to new levels of political foolishness. Sadly, all too frequently, one’s prayers are dashed. Nigeria’s leaders… (0 comment)

A Governor as a Wire-tapper: How an Executive Pervert Wrecked His State
For a state governor ever vociferous and self-assured – sometimes thoughtlessly so – in the murky terrain of Nigerian politics, Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State could not have had anything short of the awesome high-tech capabilities described in a detailed 9 June, 2016 report by Premium Times. Entitled “How Governors Dickson, Okowa Spend Billions… (0 comment)

Brexit: A Journey to the Unknown
The referendum on whether Britain should exit the European Union is imminent. Those clamoring for Britain’s exit have not weighed the dire consequences of their stereotyped mind. What Brits tend to lose from the exit of the EU is more than what they will gain in their exit in the long run. A big mistake… (0 comment)

Implications of Bad Leadership and the Collapse of Global Oil on Nigeria’s Economy
Since the discovery of oil in the South-South region of Nigeria in 1957, the country has remained a mono-cultural member of Oil producing Economic Countries [OPEC]. Past Military and present Civilian governments’ revenues have been dependent on oil taxes with 65% of the country revenues of the Federal government and 95% of Foreign exchange earnings… (0 comment)

Nigeria and her intellectual acuity
This piece is a little recipe written to rejuvenate Mr President Buhari’s health, as he arrives Nigeria from his treatment of illness in the United Kingdom. How Nigerian citizens are changing the intellectual world, but wanton in stagnation at home is baffling! Nigeria is a unique country. Yes! In spite of our geopolitical tensions, ethnocentrism,… (0 comment)

Farewell to Legends!
Few weeks ago the world boxing community in particular were knocked into unconsciousness literally when the sad and ugly news made the rounds around the world that the boxing legend Muhammad Ali was dead! The ultimate leveller had finally landed a final knock-out punch on Ali from which recovery seemed impossible — yes, he was… (0 comment)

Emperor Ajimobi and Mujaheed Aregbesola
One Governor rules his State like the Greek King Sisyphus who was notorious for his imperious, self-aggrandizing, bullish style; the other governs his State like a Mujaheed, perpetually waging a Jihad in the quest to coerce more adherents to his religion.  How did Oyo State Governor, Isiaka Ajimobi, get to the point where school children… (0 comment)