We Will Get There
The most popular definition of democracy was given by the 16th President of the U.S.A. during the Gettysburg Address; to date it is one of the most iconic statements ever made by man. Nigeria began another democratic journey in 1999 after a long standing military experience, many people fought to enthrone democratic government; others lost… (0 comment)

In seeking to knock this article into shape over the weekend I had ‘wrestled’ with some interesting captions for same as they kept on ‘disturbing’ my peace of mind. Some titles like Dino: The Limit Of Legislative Lunacy. Or, Dino: The ‘NASSty’ Sexual Predator Or better still, Dino: The Making Of A Legislative Reprobate. As… (0 comment)

There are interesting developments in Nigeria with regards to world automobile History. The American entrepreneur and Manufacturer, Henry Ford, founded the Ford Motor company on June 16 1903, the exact first birthday anniversary of T. Adeola Odutola, first President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, having been born on June 16 1902. Ford manufactured millions… (0 comment)

It is heartwarming to celebrate and congratulate Dr Reuben Abati’s daughter Elizabeth Eyitayo, who just graduated with first class in one of the prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Nigerians are blazing the trail everywhere! All our achievements are worthy of celebration. Unfortunately, Our rescuers are our enemies. As a nation, we are still on… (0 comment)

There are interesting developments between the United Kingdom and Nigeria in respect of ex British Prime minister,Winston Spencer Churchill and Nigerian Politician, Femi Fani Kayode Churchill and Fani- Kayode both attended the same Secondary school, Harrow on Hill. Churchill and Fani Kayode are both men of letters, prolific writers and famous for their newspaper write… (0 comment)

Agents of Change
Rosa Parks was an American civil rights activist whose singular action in a commercial bus became a very important symbol of the civil rights movement. Education helped Rosa Parks to understand that the same red blood flows in her vein and that of any other individual. Education made her realise that all human beings are… (0 comment)

Between Brexit and ‘Borexit’
For the second time in the entire British history another ‘iron lady’ has taken office as the new Prime Minister, replacing David Cameron who was vanquished politically by the Brexit referendum victory. The appointment of Theresa May, a conservative of 59 years, marked a new chapter in the United Kingdom’s political evolution post-Brexit. The former… (0 comment)

Dinner with Professors
Our Universities in Nigeria do not seem to have  the relationship with Students  that they could fall back on in future.  I mean in terms of translating good times the students have had on the campus into Moral, Material or financial support. For instance whilst at one end the Lecturers are telling the students that:… (0 comment)

Buhari: A President Frozen In Time
There is hardly any Nigerian who is not in a state of despair right now. Since Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as president last year, despondency has enveloped the nation. Disappointment makes the misery worse. In the build-up to the 2015 elections, Buhari was cast in the mould of Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle… (0 comment)

WS@82: “Politically Correct Ideas vs. Cultural Openness”
WS, Your sundry hoary strands Stand as beacons To navigators cruising from all seafronts To the island of bliss, astuteness, scarred proficiencies and maneuvers that beat fulfillment without animosity, without lust with the stoical expression of tunes, that take flight on the fins of watered units. For the umpteenth time, controversies have trailed the appointments… (0 comment)

Stand up for something Meaningful
History is always available to teach how to do the right thing in the right place and at the right time. In 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered the landmark ruling in Dred Scott’s case. The ruling referred to black people as cattle. It went further to state that Negroes whose ancestors were imported into… (0 comment)