BBC set to cut 2k jobs in 5 yrs

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    BBC set to cut 2,000 jobs by 2017
    Torin Douglas
    The BBC is planning to cut 2,000 jobs and radically change programming in order to cut 20% from its budget over the next five years.

    No channels will close. Some money will be reinvested in new programmes.
    All new daytime programming will shift to BBC One, with BBC Two broadcasting news and repeats of peak-time shows.
    Technicians' union Bectu accused the corporation's director general Mark Thompson of "destroying jobs and destroyingthe BBC".
    Thompson unveiled details of the cuts - branded Delivering Quality First (DQF) - in an address to staff on Thursday morning.
    Thompson said the changes would lead to "a smaller, radically reshaped BBC".
    As well as the loss of 2,000 posts across the BBC over the next five years, another 1,000 staff will relocate from London to Salford. BBC Three will move to Salford in 2016.

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    Repeats! And they moving F1 to Sky! Am I delighted my telly done broke!

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