Christmas Blunder

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    A RECRUITMENT EXECUTIVE lost his job after an email blunder in which he sent an expletive-filled message to 4,000 people.

    Gary Chaplin was asked to resign from his £200,000 a year post at Stark Brooks after he sent an offensive email to someone looking for a job, along with the other 4,000 people on the carbon copy list.

    The incident began with one Emmanouil Katsampoukas sending an email to thousands of job recruitment firms in an effort to find a job in the marketing or banking sector in the UK. His message was polite and formal, and yet it met with a very abusive response from Chaplin.
    Chaplin criticised Katsampoukas for not taking the time to send an individual email to each recipient, insulting his intelligence for not knowing how to use a blind carbon copy and calling him "too stupid" to get a job. He told the jobseeker to **** off and even ranted about a rival in the business, in what can only be described as a quintessential display of complete, total and absolutely inexcusable unprofessionalism.


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