Do men want docile, submissive women?

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  1. mistiblue88

    mistiblue88 Master Group

    Not quite, according to relationship experts.

    Some men are more attracted to sexy, vibrant, passionate, bright professional women. They are generally bored by quiet, docile, submissive women, if not initially, most definitely over time.

    Other men, are more attracted to women who they perceive to be quiet, docile, submissive and more easily controlled - such as Asian, Mexican or White women.

    What a nasty wake-up call when such men discover that the object of their affection informs them that will be damned, if they let any man walk all over them and treat them like crap. So goes that stereotype!

    Still other men prefer a combination - sweet and spicy.

    Race also plays its part in the notion of men preferring quiet, docile, submissive women.

    Some Black men - trying to justify dating and marrying Other-Than-Black women say they do so, because all black women think much too highly of themselves, have bad attitudes and are gold-diggers.

    The media further perpetuates this image by portraying Black women as being “loud, neck-rolling, sharp-tongued, ghettofabulous negresses or the simple-minded video hoe - good enough to 'hit it and quit it' but unworthy of a serious commitment. Ever wonder why media portrayals of docile, submissive, easily controlled, abused Black women are far and few between? the docile, submissive woman a thing of the past?

    Or is a new type of woman emerging...a Strong Woman who wants a man who is...

    ...goal-oriented and knows why he wants to be with her and what he wants to accomplish with her
    ...strong enough to not allow a woman to walk all over him
    ...capable of handling a woman 'testing' him more often and with greater intensity, as a way of proving that he is as powerful today, as he appeared to be when she first met him
    ...just as sexually adventurous, creative and enthusiastic as she is
    ...capable of making her feel safe, secure and happy in a relationship - which in turn makes her want to make her man feel safe, secure and happy, in turn
    ...stronger than she is so that she can melt into the comfort of the willing, submissive role – until proven otherwise...

    ...a woman who is Strong-By-Day and Submissive-By-Night?
  2. ikenna

    ikenna Master Group

    Because different men have different personalities, they will similarly have different opinions of an ideal partner's personality. Doubtless there are some men out there who would like to date a supremely docile woman, and there surely must be some at the other end of the spectrum whose perfect woman is a loudmaouthed, neck rolling, gold digger.

  3. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group

    Absolutely Ikenna,

    Every woman is an "IDEAL" woman.
  4. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group

    Why don't I see you in the Oral sex thread Ikenna?

    shy? "Cat" got'cha tounge?
  5. ikenna

    ikenna Master Group

    I'm heading there right now babe.

  6. dark_blue

    dark_blue Master Group

    No one really wants a mumu for a wife. An aunty of mine was that way...even till her husband put a gun to her head, she was still shes 6ft under and of no use to anyone.
  7. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group

    You know what else dark_blue, a lot of times men marry quiet docile women and they cheat with wild aggressive women...the total opposite of the wife.
  8. dark_blue

    dark_blue Master Group

    thats true...they marry them just to satisfy some quota and the look for the real deal outside. Sometimes, I think its just that some people like variety. Unlike women who try to change you (which causes fights) to adjust to their needs for the moment, a man would rather have 2 or more flavors (one on the inside and other on the outside) to meet the know when you try to change someone's behavior, it causes fights. So we don't bother!!!
  9. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group

    yepper!...your right, it is usually us women trying to change the man..and the man just goes out and gets what he is looking for in another woman..

    I guess it boils down to the fact that we all want it ALL in a partner, but you can't have it all...nobody has it all...
  10. dark_blue

    dark_blue Master Group

    Therefore, we should be allowed to marry as many women as we want. You guys out number us 2 to 1 anyway, might as well make the best of it.

  11. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group

    hahaha...Thank God you all can't, I know you all would LOVE to marry at least 2 women.

    Thank God he only allows 1 woman per man......GHEEZ!

    Yes, it is like 7 women to 1 man on earth....nope, you can only have make the best with :knuck
  12. Berta

    Berta Invisible Friends......

    Most men want a woman who would keep him "interested"/"entertained", one who is able to hold his [ever shortening] attention span.....A woman who knows when and where to play a "submissive" role, a "take charge" role (like his mama used to) and most importantly when & how to go "whore" on his behind.......Its all about the "element of surprise".....its really that simple.
  13. ikenna

    ikenna Master Group

    BQ, I know of no man without a history of mental disorder who would want to marry more than 1 woman.
    Heck one is enough to make a man feel suicidal at times, 2 would push him over the edge, surely?

  14. Prince Efe

    Prince Efe Guest

    I have tried both... and I will tell you no man wants to be treated like crap by a loud mouthed, domineering, I am better than you type of woman. And to say the least, most African American women typifies the loud mouthed, you are not good enough for me kind. While their Nigerian counterparts are not submissive in a timid way but they know how to honor and care for their men on or off beds. So for me I will settle for my naija princess any time...
  15. Blackqueen

    Blackqueen Master Group


    well, maybe i should say marry one and a few on the that better?
  16. ikenna

    ikenna Master Group

    I don't know for sure. I have no experience of this. I suspect a few on the side is a bit excessive. If my some of my friends are anything to go by, most men want a nice respectable wife who is good w/the kids and who they can live with at home; and a personable 'special friend' who may be a colleague, ex schoolmate or similar trustworthy discreet person that they call on the phone, take out sometimes, and who they can 'talk' to every so often!

  17. amechi

    amechi Master Group

    Here you go! Berta, it looks like you have been indoctrinated into the fold yet. Or, you're way above the "typical" league to be swayed into the popular group think.

    Way to go Lady! Your marriage is guarranteed so, relax and enjoy!
  18. dark_blue

    dark_blue Master Group

    God allows only one? Are you sure? Did David, Solomon in the Bible have only one wife? I think even in the Bible, the Lord understood that 1 woman cannot satisfy a man. In fact, everywhere in whole world, people took many wives. It was only during the colonial period that the one wife one wahala was instituted. This was for one reson and one reson only, so that no one could contest the family wealth. It was all about protection. Even in Africa, a beautiful and verile wife was considered wealth, especially when you add the amount of children she could have. In the good old days, if a woman was being a burden to her fellow sisters in marriage, you would stamp your feet on the floor 3 times, spit on the floor and the divorce was final. Now women too have "civil rights" and go to court and all that rubbish. Thats why I like Sharia !!!
  19. luvincali

    luvincali MVP

    :roll :roll
  20. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    sssssh, d AA women yu r talking abt r not to blame; every woman on earth wants d best in a man. The problem with AA women is that they watch a lot of crap from hollywood and it ended up shaping their minds over d age, they r stillwaiting for d messiah to come and tell them that such men dont exist at least on earth. i personally loathe docile women but sure won't go for a bitch.
    @ikenna, my uncle use to tell me that it's better to marry 4 women; cos 1 will eat u raw, 2 will tear ua abs apart but 4??? will surely form 2's clique and while each clique is fighting with one another..u r left alone. i dont believe that only crazy men go for more than one wife. solomon,david were great men on earth and they had multiple women in their folk(actually David was so great that Jesus himself was called d son of David)

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