How are you today?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Peaches, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Kenna

    Kenna in love....with my music!

    Morning all! Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Dynmma

    Dynmma Master Group

    How una dey o,my people? :)
  3. Kenna

    Kenna in love....with my music!

    Hey lady, I am doing great!!!!!!!!! I rarely come to the site but I still miss you all!
  4. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

  5. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    long time no ready. hope everything okay at your end
  6. Kenna

    Kenna in love....with my music!

    everything is great here! Getting ready to start some traveling again!!!
  7. panasharp

    panasharp Master Group

    Weather this past weekend was good. It felt good to start bicycling again.
  8. Nozza

    Nozza A.L.F.

    I'm wondering where all the good members of this site have disappeared to? It seems we get new people joining but then they disappear rarely if ever to be seen again. I know sites go through transitions, but I do miss a lot of the veterans. How comes naijarules doesn't seem to have the same problem?

    I wonder...
  9. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure what else to do to grow the site, but I am working on it. Life has got me a little busy now...
  10. Buda Atum

    Buda Atum Master Group

    You need to make us stop chasing those who do come here away with our aggresive untoward behaviour Zadok. Have you considered having Mods who'd enforcce the rules?
  11. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

    In Seoul, South Korea, enjoying a post MBA graduation adventure!!!
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  12. Nozza

    Nozza A.L.F.

    I don't know if having mods would make a difference - maybe a lack of hostility would go a long way into making new folk feel welcome and able to contribute.

    Maybe the people who would want to join are too busy with family matters? I dunno ooo...
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  13. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    You traveled to Korea without permission from Obiora?. Nigerian women are getting wilder by the day...
  14. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    I think most people are just busy, since I joined my life has changed in so many ways the reason I continue to contribute is because I still have access to a PC at work.
    Most people are married (sexyDoc), have kids who are demanding more time (the list is endless), getting into new relationships (Chinway), getting an MBA (Rosie), travelling (Ms K). If you keep up with folks you will know this.
    Most times these folks are reading stuff, just not having time to contribute.
    Don't forget to add ever so increasing social networks like FB where the people u can gist with are people you know so you are not so far away from naija again unlike before. I know a lot of folks came here to keep in touch with naija somewhat.
    One way we can have people continue to contribute is make this site cell phone friendly such that people can easily comment, like, read and do all these via their cell phones. Just like they can on FB.
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  15. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    Almost there. In development.
  16. Nozza

    Nozza A.L.F.

    You might have a point, I think those of us who have been here for years have seen the changes perhaps in more stark ways. But ignoring the veterans (e.g. Buda) we always seem to get newbies who then disappear as fast as they appear. Why become a member when you can read the forums etc without joining? I remember a former forumite saying they used to come here because it was fun and a way to take a de-stress break at work.

    The BIG difference between here and FB is that you don't anonymously respond to people - who, in all likelihood you know - in the same way you do here. How many people do we know from here are our friends on FB or have met in person? I'm still curious as to what the magic formula is on naijarules that is missing here, apart from the probable age demographic.
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  17. Ivey2

    Ivey2 New Member

    Hello all. Hope everybody is well.:)
  18. Kenna

    Kenna in love....with my music!

    Personally for me, the new site is too hard to is visually hard for me to master this site...that's probably why you all only see me once a month these days. I love you all but this format is impossible on these old eyes...LOL!! I liked the old format..this one, I have to click on several areas instead of the way it is...I am not resistant to change but for visually hurts me!

    Otherwise, I am doing well!
  19. Kenna

    Kenna in love....with my music!

    I am friends on facebook with about 5 people from here. My life these days are really busy as I am always traveling as choimze said....speaking of traveling, I just got back from Obiora's house (Houston) last week and on Monday ,I am going somwhere else and I have trips lined up for the rest of the year. I already mentioned in my earlier post what my issue
  20. Nozza

    Nozza A.L.F.

    So maybe for you (as for some of us) the colour doesn't sit too well and is a turn off. I HOPE SOLA HAS NOTICED YOUR COMMENTS. And yes, it must be old age catching up with your sight, lol.

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