Nigeria’s Top 10 Motivational Speakers

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    By Emmanuel Effiong-Bright, Co-ordinator, Management Series

    "You have all it takes to succeed, all you require is the will to decide. Your friends, colleagues, partners and family have at one time or the other attested to these abilities. What you need is the belief in yourself that you can actually do it. And you know you can, if you really want to! "

    They weren’t just ordinary words; they were laced with the authority of an expert. The prolonged, thunderous applause from the over 8,ooo crowd, threatened to drown the resonance of the hi-fi system. This fervent multitude had come from all over the country to be enraptured by the words of an endorsed ‘mouth’.

    And just before your begin to get wide off the mark ideas, let me quickly tell you this is not another church convention. Neither is it a musical concert. Welcome to the world of top motivation. From Minna to Uyo , Abuja To Lagos , New York to London , highly successful peddlers of this profession incessantly sashay, selling optimism, self-belief , confidence and vision to inspiration-starved business and ‘public’ audience. All year round, they speak at companies, government departments, seminars and workshops. World-renowned models of this laudable profession include best-selling authors as Zig-Ziglar, Anthony Robbins , John Maxwell, Les Brown…just to mention a few.

    There are few jobs in Nigeria that offer so much applause, admiration and micro-wave popularity, not to mention thousands as well as millions of naira every time you speak. And these success peddlers are not just ‘mouthing’ it. The often-sold out paying events and consultancy bear witness to this highly profitable enterprise. But is it all about money? With no-cost or low cost programmes strategically aimed at students, the less privileged, low-income bracket and non-profits, they -the speakers, creditably and satisfactorily fill their social responsibility quotas.

    So what kind of ‘words’ will motivate a company to fork out as much as a pricey N1,000,000 per day or session?

    In this special independence anniversary edition of The Effective Manager, we present to you the choice of our recent survey, in no order, Nigeria’s top ten motivational speakers – A ‘new’ crop of men who have chosen to shape our personal, business and national life with timely messages of vision and hope. The criterion for selection is largely a blend of local as well as international feedback. The standard is hinged on ‘proven’ ability to ‘deliver’ live motivational sessions (it includes familiarity with the technicalities of speaking), media exposure, clientele and demand ratio. Read on…

    Sam Adeyemi

    "If you think motivational speaking connotes empty, hyped up, feel good sessions that last as long as a glisten, wait until you hear this proudly Nigerian speaker-cum-trainer. Humble, soft-spoken yet with a strong, intimidating record of followers, he is not only credited with the title ‘Nigeria’s foremost motivational speaker’, he is a pioneer of what today has become one of the fastest growing profession in the nation.

    Samuel Adeyemi is President of Success Power International, and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, a fast growing church based in Lagos.

    How a pastor continues to attract the attention of the corporate and political society still remains a mystery to most industry watchers, especial those who are not privy to his way of thinking. Yet this ‘balancing act’ is only testimony to the dynamism of a man to whom several motivational speakers owe their success.

    Host of the popular radio and TV programme – Success Power - which is aired on several radio stations within and outside Nigeria, his areas of special interest includes leadership and financial principles which he teaches through seminars and the media – radio, television, tapes and prints..

    His teachings have motivated, encouraged and spurred on loads of people to start or advance their businesses. He’s one of the few championing the course for a "new Nigeria" and the reformation of the African continent as a whole.

    He has written several books including the best selling "The Second Revolution" and "Parable of Dollars". Others include "Ideas Rule the World", "Power of Persistence", "Strong Desire", and Power of Imagination.

    His pet project; the Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA) is a melting pot for hundreds of business managers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who seek to upgrade their skills in the area of personal, people and organisation management.

    Richie Dayo Johnson

    Nigerian born Richard Johnson caused quite some stir at a session in Lagos, Nigeria, some years ago when he affirmed he is a Nigerian to the core. This Europe based speaker with a foreign accent has been known to dazzle his audience with his deep understanding of the core issues in corporate and public’ Nigeria.

    Founder of Richmond Johnson Academy, Richie as he is fondly called, is an accomplished and acclaimed international speaker who has the enviable record of delivering several landmark presentations, workshops, seminars and boot camps on personal development strategies.

    A radio and television broadcaster by training with further education at Teesside Management School, Middlesbrough, Richie worked at GEC, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham and IBM London before becoming Joint Managing Director of Universal Communications Group and later Deputy Managing Director of The Job Paper, London. He spent 18 months in Norway and Sweden working on a United Nations funded project - Media Empowerment for Africa. In 2004, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce.

    Johnson is a past and founding president of Speakers of Croydon Toastmasters, immediate past area governor for East Surrey & Kent and a leading associate of Speakers Bank – a national network of professional speakers and trainers.

    Fela Durotoye

    ‘Mr Passion’ is one individual that has continually lived up to his hype. A computer scientist, economist, project finance analyst and turn around strategist, Fela Durotoye is one motivational speaker that continually brings the passion of his experience to bear on his ‘talk’.

    A former Head of the Customer Service Group at Phillips Consulting, Fela is credited with designing and facilitating several customer service and personal mastery training programmes and retreats for a vast array of corporate giants. Today, he sits atop VIP Consulting, an unconventional business advisory and human resource expansion firm he established in 2001 to assist clients build competitive leverage.

    Fela co-led the Diagnostic Review Team on the Culture Change programme in First Bank Nigeria plc. A project that has given him the password to the huge spend of some of Nigeria’s most ambitious banks.

    A passionate motivator, no doubt, Durotoye’s clientele is a long list of who is who in corporate Nigeria. He is also known to be a frequent face at Nigeria’s international airport-thanks to his frequent business engagements in Africa, Europe and The United states of America.

    Putting the natural gifts of Fela Durotoye to use has never been a challenge, the widely admired motivator hosts a monthly people development hub called "the speakers corner’, a medium he uses to infuse a passion for life, career, organisation, tasks and leadership in his followership . Most speaking engagements in Nigeria are not complete without him.

    Olakunle Soriyan

    A rare blend of aptitude, gift and skill, Olakunle Soriyan is an ergonomics consultant of high pedigree, and personal coach to many individuals and organisations. He is a highly resourceful speaker and trainer on workplace issues, business growth and entrepreneurial success, organisational and personal effectiveness.

    An astute investor, CEO and Vice-Chairman of The Stn Group, a holding company, and Principal Consultant at the Soriyan Training Network

    A passionate believer in the dignity of the Black man and the awesome potential of the Third World, he has uncommon faith in the uniqueness of the individual in relation to his contribution to his generation.

    Highly respected as Nigeria’s number one organisational and individual effectiveness coach, the Economics Education graduate has given over 350 talks, and has spoken, locally and internationally, at many seminars, functions and programmes, conferences and workshops to various audience groups including corporate bodies, tertiary and secondary institutions, churches, arms of government such as the Ogun State House of Assembly. The business coach is also the initiator and coordinator of the popular, award winning ZERO TO HERO™ Seminars. His contributions towards the entrepreneurial and global economic development of the Nigerian youth have been well applauded. He has been honored with several awards including the prestigious Junior Chamber International "JCI Nigeria Ambassador" as well as membership and fellowship of the JCIN Noble House.

    A robust thinker, Soriyan's talks/speaking/training sessions are inspiring, fast moving, jargon-free, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. He presents a series of great original ideas and strategies with a deep and rare combination of fact, humor, insight and practical concepts. Soriyan has written close to 100 position papers on major workplace issues and is equally a weekly columnist to various national publications.

    Niyi Adesanya

    A self confessed student of Sam Adeyemi, Niyi Adesanya may well go down in the country’s history as the fastest grown motivational speaker. Just two active years in the industry and the ebullient and enigmatic speaker had broken into the millionaires’ speakers club long before his career had even taken off.

    A human capital advisor, trainer and connoisseur on the subject of leadership, Adesanya is not just a leadership consultant; his followership claim he is a study on inventive leadership. As the Principal Consultant of FifthGear Consulting, he has saddle himself with the task of travelling the length and breath of the country to assist organisations sustain a culture of leadership and maximised productivity.

    Graced with the grace to move strong walls in the mind of his audience, Adesanya’s rising profile as a speaker and resource person on leadership and human capital development has endeared him to leading brands such as Chevron Texaco, 7Up Bottling Company and Cornerstone Insurance who form the core of his growing clientele. The Nigerian Air force, Federal Road Safety Corp, tertiary and secondary institutions, churches, various arms of government are not left out of Niyi’s insight and depth.

    Aside his Fifth Gear portfolio He is also President, Alliance of Change Empowerment Speakers (ACES) - a high profile network of change speakers, professionals and human resource development experts as well as President, ‘Niyi Adesanya Mass Empowerment Initiative; NAME-IT’, a body which says its mission is geared towards promoting and empowering entrepreneurship and business success.

    Ubong Essien

    When he appeared several years ago on the popular television talk show-"New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda", several Nigerians couldn’t help but be -glued to the words of this young, fervent Nigerian. Back then, motivational speaking seemed an entirely new terrain -thanks to the speaking prowess of the ‘mind from the East’. Today, Ubong Essien quite uniquely wears the toga of ‘Mr Motivator" to the admiration of his teeming followers.

    Essien began his professional career as a life insurance sales person with the now defunct Amicable Assurance Plc way back in 1992 after graduating from the University of Ilorin with double honours in Biology and Education. A brief stint in the field of education opened him to his life-long passion of human empowerment. A born motivator, Ubong amazing skill of versatility enables him utilise and apply a variety of skills to a variety of situations involving a individuals and organisations. Little wonder the likes of Oceanic Bank PLC, Omega Bank PLC, AIICO Insurance PLC, Mobil Producing Unlimited, Nigeria Bottling Company PLC, and Sports Radio queue up for his services.

    One of the first Nigerians to own a speaking academy, the first Nigeria to hold the coveted Motivational Speaking Professional (MSP) designation, Essien is seen by industry watchers not only as a business trainer but a generational influence. In 2002, the highly rated empowerment media- "Success Digest" magazine named him its Young Entrepreneur of the year .
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