Nigeria's first gay movie in production

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    Restless and daring AMAA ‘Best Director 2005,’ Dickson Iruegbu is set for another first.

    He is currently shooting Nigeria’s first gay movie entitled ‘Sinful Saints.’

    “Sinful Saints is a very controversial movie. It deals with a very sensitive but neglected topic; homosexuality. The movie will explore homosexuality in Nigeria,” Iruegbu revealed.
    According to him, the movie would seek answers to such questions as whether it is African or a burrowed culture.

    How did it creep into our society? How do we discuss issues relating to sex with our children? Do we frighten them with or experiences. The family is the ultimate unit of society but unfortunately, most homes lack good ways of teaching sex relayed issues.

    Sinful Saints is the story of a sheltered kid, whose over protective mum (Clarion Chukwura) sheltered him so much that at age 19, he’d had no contact with a woman.
    Meanwhile his hormones were raging but Ignorance has set in and he clings unto his fellow man to satisfy his sexual needs. Soon he is enmeshed in homosexuality.

    According to Iruegbu: “ This is a topic we all shy from but it is there. People experience it every day and we have to talk about it and enlighten people. Some of us are trying to summon the courage to discuss it. For me it is high time we discussed it.”
    It features steamy scenes of man-to-man love. It is an intricate web of ignorance, jealousy, betrayal and ultimately murder.

    KOK, Charles Waran, Maurice Nwabueze and Clarion Chukwura will star in this movie that would stretch the limits of censorship in Nigeria.
    On the challenges of shooting such a movie, Iruegbu said: “It took a long time to convince the artistes to play the roles. I paid three times what is obtainable for Nigerian movies. I have sunk over N8, 000. 000 in the project. I know it will shock Nigerians but the story has to be told. It is happening everywhere and people want to talk about it.

    According to him, he is not out to witch-hunt the homosexual click believed to be very influential in Nollywood.
    For Charles Waran, one of the lead actors, who plays a capricious role under the ‘Fag Lord’ (Kanayo O. kanayo) as a pimp, “the movie is important to me. It is a tragedy that young men could find themselves gay and be proud of it. I feel challenged playing this role. It’s a love story on the fag side of life.”
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    Sickening !!!
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    I'd watch it. Can't wait to see what my friends at thinks of it.
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    This is not Nollywood first gay movie, so don't know why he is taking credit for this. Unless he is going to show us some daring sex scenes with two men.

    I just watched one a few weeks ago with Desmond Elliot and it was very good but no man-on-man action. I have seen a lot of lesbian-themed Nollywood movies.

    It is good that this being explored and talked about however the way Nollywood produce/direct/write gay-themed movies is laughable. It can not be taken seriously at all.

    I am shocked that people think this is something that snuck into the country. Really, they can't be serious.
  5. Batunde!

    Batunde! OMO BABA.

    What is the title of the one you said Desmond did, I will like to see what its like.

    I actually saw one Yoruba movie about someone being gay.. but they claim that the guy is gay because he's a child from evil spirit... The woman always give birth to female child and her mother in-law hated her, so she went to herbalist to ask for a male child. The male child grew up acting all feminine. Saheed Balogun played the gay guy and he was actually tryna kiss his best friend and his father caught both of them in the room.. it was comical and its not something to be taken serious like you mentioned.
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    Do you watch movies from Naija or are you interested because you want to create a story line? Just remember it's a movie.....
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    I've never watched one Nigerian movie, but certainly intend to. I'm not the one incapable of discerning a movie from reality although homosexuality can be found in ALL cultures.
  8. obiora

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    Yep! :thumbs

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