Nollywood now shows sex scenes?

Discussion in 'Art, Travel, cookery' started by Debonaire, May 4, 2008.

  1. Debonaire

    Debonaire Master Group

    Nollywood no go finish me-o:

    [ame=""]YouTube - PASSIONATE APPEL (part1) clip3[/ame]

    Fast forward to minute 8:30


  2. oscar

    oscar Master Group

    I guess it's a start. Cheesy dialogue and poorly acted scene but our society is still prudish about sexual imagery on film. Never mind the debauchery that those same critics are up to behind closed doors but I guess the point (as far as they are concerned) is that it is behind closed doors.
  3. Ivey

    Ivey Master Group

    It was more funny than sexy. Watch Mercy Johnson's movies, she is the queen of sex scenes in Nollywood. She has a body that puts Beyonce to shame.
  4. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Haba...Beyonce? you and that Mercy are are joking right? BEYONCE's BODY? did you smoke weed today? I think you need a 2 month ban and a fine for this comment. I'm so Beyon Beyon?
  5. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    Oh mine .what was that. For a scene like that you need someone with fresh body and a sexy cooing voice. Not a market woman voice. Make mockery of the whole thing.
  6. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    Abeg that's clicheic. Market women to no dey do am? :)
  7. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    Oku die jare. We want to see the seduction part The undressing part The sweet-nothing part and the killing part. We shall get there someday. I am not spoilt o. Just want my money worth.
  8. Dynmma

    Dynmma Master Group

    Uuuuuuuuuwwwweeeeeeeeeeee!!!What was that?I'd rather not see stuff like that again,it's worse than mediocre.I guess with a title like 'Passionate Appel',that was the best they could do:(
  9. allowed

    allowed frankly my dears,

    I've said time and time again, interesting sex isnt just hit it and quit it.

    That's something Hollywood discovered long ago. The real money maker is in what's left unsaid and unshown.

    The sexual tension build up on the screen is what sets the mood and gets people hooked. Not just showing someone banging and humping till the cows come home. That's why there's a line between porn and mainstream movies. One has more of a stigma than the other.

    take it or leave it.

    Our folks should work on romance skills. I don dey talk am forever now.:D

    just viewed the shot and am not surprised. I was right on the money too. Though the sex scene is more reminiscent of children playing, or else the fast number a few guys are stereotyped as having sometimes. Abeg this kind thing no good for image oh.
  10. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Hmmm...They teach you a lot in the convent.
  11. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

    Nollywood does not need sex scenes. It is not realistic enough in our culture.
  12. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    This people need to look for Charlie boy and lady Di video.
  13. pmdaboh

    pmdaboh New Member

    I am curious what you mean, Rosie. Are you saying the scenes will not be accepted by your culture? If so, why not? I am curious.
  14. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    I think she is being sarcastic she just forgot this :ringed.
    Abi we no dey do the do for our culture? :ringed
  15. mimi victor

    mimi victor Master Group

    [Baby are you not tired] Tired of what?
  16. Buda Atum

    Buda Atum Master Group

    I think Rosie is saying they don't have sex in her culture pm.
  17. Debonaire

    Debonaire Master Group

    by the way, I watched the whole movie on youtube, and it is enjoyable...
  18. Sola

    Sola Administrator Staff Member

    Another piracy buff. That Youtube should be shut down.
  19. pmdaboh

    pmdaboh New Member

  20. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi


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