Waist beads and body types

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by Sari, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Sari

    Sari Master Group

    Are ileke idi considered attractive on all body types (let's say including those with "more waist" than others :roll), or generally only on a certain body type, like the one in my avatar?
  2. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    You need to have some ass to hold the beads from slipping down to ya leg. :ringed
  3. bapp

    bapp Master Group

    That counts you out I guess :ringed:ringed:ringed
  4. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    Ashawo, is that your way of asking me about my a$$? :ringed
  5. RealDeal

    RealDeal Master Group

    I love it in any kind of butt, you can cut it to your size, just the movement exite me.
    Sari I go to your post, just to look at your post picture.
  6. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

    Waist beads accentuate the shape of a woman, it makes her hips slim and her waist rounder. It also directs the attention of a man to the waist area, to indicate her fertility or sensuality. Hey, our ancestors could not wear bikinis...lol
  7. bapp

    bapp Master Group

    No Just my way of asking if you had managed to shrink your Whale size gut enough to at least accentuate your elephant power sized backside :ringed:ringed:ringed

    If it's of any consolation be aware that you can always move to Jamaica The men over there tend to like the "Oversize Mumpy" types like you

    PS: Douche is Jamaican
  8. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    If u knew my backside was elephant size why you con dey ask now or you just want further description to heighten ya day? :ringed
  9. bapp

    bapp Master Group

    I am just playing with you oh Chiomze . I really dont know how big you may be and I certainly dont want to offend/Upset anyone reading who may be struggling with weight issues .
  10. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

    Don't you know you don't mention and/or associate "weight issues" with any female in the same sentence!!!!
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  11. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    Since when did you start to care about other people's feelings?

    Disease outbreak
    Record earthquake
    Bapp caring about hurting people...

  12. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

  13. bapp

    bapp Master Group

    Contrary to what you may believe Bapp is a very loving and sensitive guy .

    He buys me chocolate covered strawberries whenever he thinks of me , sings to me every night before we go to bed, draws a bath for me in our jacuzzi and rubs my feet whenever my feet are tired.

    My shoes closet is full of the likes of Jimmy Choo's, He regularly buys me nice things from Victorias Secret and for business attire nothing but Saint John's is good enough for him. He may do Anne Taylors from time to time but he thinks their stuff is too cheap.

    He plans to buy me a convertible CLK for my next birthday and we'll be going to our condo in the Cayman Islands next week. Then again it may be the condo in Aruba or Turks and Caicos Isles . I forgot which one.

    Oh if only you could find a guy half as good and as sweet as BAPP.


    The one and ONLY Mrs BAPP
  14. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    Bapp you are so funny, not only do you pat yourself on the behind you even go as far as this... Pathetic.

    No worry bapp e go beta.

    :roll sings to me every night na wetin be that lullaby and she takes a bath in the jaccuzzi all the time.
  15. Berry

    Berry Master Group

    LMAO...funny thread! Do women stil wear beads at this day and age?
  16. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

    There is medication for schizophrenia you know.:ringed
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  17. Buda Atum

    Buda Atum Master Group

    One never knows, bapp might really have got a Mrs Bapp to write this, but I myself wonder if that would not merely indicate that the writer thinks the size of the wallet is what makes a person good and sweet. If there is a Mrs Bapp, she might want to go read all that bapp has been writing on here, an opinion would interest me, for one!

    Do know, regardless, that anything written under the avatar, "bapp", carries all the baggage associated with that avatar, bapp.

    What say Bapp, introducing Mrs Bapp, anytime soon? She can come read how sweet you been being about Rosie's ass.

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