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    Arguably the most controversial pastor in Nigeria. He is at it again, this time blasting Oyedepo and other Nigerian pentecostals.


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    This is what beats me in the Christendom. As long as its a "revelation" from God, its kosher. The Nigeria republic is obviously accursed. Nothing seems to work there, not even the church.Bishop Okonkwo is the PFN's henchman and he runs the affairs of PFN like the mafia . While the big pastors are frolicking with him, the smaller ones are grumbling because nobody puts their point across. There is no difference between the politics they play in PFN and the one they do in PMAN or PDP. It's largely a partisan organization that is slowly getting screwed by some unscrupulous people who parade themselves as men of God. The truth shall set you free.
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    Sadly, the state of things in Nigeria is that the church is perceived as being as morally bankrupt as the political system. It is sad to see how disrespected Christianity is by so many people when the church, of all institutions, should know better.

    However I do believe that there are elements that have remained faithful just as in Elijah's time and haven't gotten bogged down by playing politics and personalities. They are the voices "crying in the wilderness".
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    Bakare seems to like hearing his own voice and his own opinion too often. The man don come again with his wahala . I guess he wants an award that he came up with the idea of model parish or wetin? Unneccessarily sowing division among brethren for nothing.

    All churhes differ in doctrinal emphasis so why not let the head of the church correct as he will instead of appointing yourself overseer and arbiotrator of all things holy ?

    What about his own Questionable revelations like the ones where he claims God told him he would raise a Black Man (Obama) to rule America and to clean up Corruption. Yeah I am sure a Baby Killer and Gay Marriage enabler with a tax cheat Treasury Secretary is God's ways of cleaning up corruption abi ? And in his ignorance he is apparnently unaware that In America Presidents dont "RULE" , They serve but I guess he knows it all since he is an ITK

    It will behoove Mr Bakare to realize that Pride goeth befpore a fall and to learn from the likes of Jimmy Swaggart whom spent theior entire careers ragging on other miniters under the guise of bringing integrity to the church. That was until he was caught with a prostitute not once but twice and even the blamed everybody else but him refusing to submit to the leadership of the AOG
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    Well, considering the fact that most of the Church reject the likes of TB Joshua and the Aladura Churches this statement is inherently untrue so tone down the hyperbole abeg .

    I reject this statement in Jesus Name :)

    Churches in Nigeria are far from perfect and certainly need dimprovement but they are working relatively well and achieving a lot of things

    Hmm I assume that you are familiar with the inner workings of the PFN and Okonkwos unscrupulous activities first hand, if not I suggest you tone down on the conjecture and the hyperbole. I certainly dont claim to know all the inner workings of the PFN but I suspect you dont either .If In case you do please tell us who all these frolicking big pastors and who are the grumbling small ones and what point they feel dont come across .

    Please tell us who these unscruplous people are and precisely how they are screwing anybody in or out of the PFN. I humbly await this truth that will set us free :)

    BTW: I thought Ayo Oritsejafor was the head of PFN and no longer Okonkwo
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    What have they achieved when many of them veered from their primary assignment to form a PLC?

    First of all, Bakare claimed in the report above that Okonkwo threatened him. Its either he(Bakare) is lying or Okonkwo is guilty. You need to ask around about PFN. You remember some years back when Benny Hinn complained that Bishop Lanre Obembe duped $4M from his ministry in the name of crusade?. I watched pastor Ayo Orijestafor(sp) who is another PFN bigwig come on TBN to set the records straight by separating himself and his ministry from that scandal. He accused the PFN of protecting Obembe because many of them got a share from his $4M loot. This TBN interview coupled with other stories I heard from some Nigerian pastors who are still struggling suggested to me that PFN is as bad as PDP. Ever ask yourself why some pastors like Chris Oyakhilome refuse to join PFN?

    May be now and Tunde Bakare's testimony must have happened sometime ago. I later heard from grapevine sources that Ayo Orijestafor was mad that he was sidelined from the Benny Hinn crusade because he was the first person who initiated it before bishop Obembe cut him short and picked the contract. We are talking $4M tax free money here, Bapp. Tell me what these guys are doing for Nigerians again since they wine and dine with the high and mighty instead of harvesting souls for God. Methinks they enslave Nigerians mentally and rob them off the little they have, if not, how do you explain a society where about 70% live on less than $1/day but their leaders including the clerics rape them front and back?


    I still remember Gideons international and how they share free tracts and bibles to every nook and cranny of this earth. Christians foot the bill but the striking thing about that is its non profit because their target is to evangelize the world.

    Bapp, how come Nigerian pastors write their own book and put it on Amazon for $19.99?; Shouldn't they endeavor to disseminate that message at the lowest price possible or even free like Gideons?. At least, they should charge the cost of production which shouldn't be more than $2.

    They also market CD's of their sunday sermons for $19.99 and at this rate, only the rich who can afford $20 will have access to the word of God. Hoarding word of God to make money is outlandish. I believe that if you share it to all and sundry for free, God will provide the resources to make more copies. We were raised in a culture that prohibits us from criticizing men of God for fear of the wrath of God meanwhile, I am yet to see a victim of such from our loving God. Shoot, God even hired Paul who was massacring christians. Many pastors usurped that fear in us and turned it into gold. Some threaten you every sunday about tithing more than your lifestyle and personal relationship with God. It's as if we are renting the life we live from God and failure to pay our 10% rent will result in God shutting us out from His sight....Isn't that ridiculous?.

    Bapp, what happened to the olden days when pastors live a modest lifestyle and preach the word of God at the slightest chance they get?. If these high and mighty pastors stuff themselves in private jets, how will they relate to mere mortals whose souls are their primary assignment from God?. The joy of the lord is my strength.
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    Obiora You are bigger than all these busybody hearsay rumor peddling abeg. The joy of the Lord may be your strengh but rumor peddling and evil surmisals are a cancer to one's soul .It's self evident that all your views are all grapevine , third party hearsay full of conjecture and nothing else . .

    Read your own comments . In one breath you say OIritsejafor accused PFN of protectiuing Obembe in the next comment you acknowledge that Oritsejafor is himself head of PFN.Does that even make sense ? For one thing PFN had absolutely nothing to do with Benny Hinn coming to Nigeria and how you came to the conculsion that PFN wanted to chop part of Benny Hinns 4 million befuddles me . But then again I guess you heard that thru the grapevine .

    Furthermore, Benny Hinn never accused anybody of chopping his money as you claimed he was simnply dissatisified with the quaility of event planning by the organizers. Now to the Nigerian Mind that automatically means embezzlement at some level but anybody who has managed a budget in the civilized world knows that any break in the supply chain can impact everything and dooesnt neccessarily imply embezzlement .

    In the next breath you cite Oyakhilomes refusal tojoin PFN as if it's a good thing. For one thing Oyakhoilome was not part of PFN long before the Benny Hinn affairt but Tell me who does Oyakhilome join to other than TB Joshua is that a good thing ? That Lone Ranger Spirit has destroyed a lot of ministers . We all wont agree over everything but to start fighting each other over petty differences. Tell me with all of Bakares noise how is his doctrine that much different from Oyedepo's?

    Your views are yours to have on how people raise money and flying private Jets. I am not going to go down that old worn out road . Just mae sure taht you apply those views to your own self. The fact of the matter is that the same people you are abusing for selling books on Amazon and flying Private Jets are the same people who end up donating money to the Gideons without which Gideon wouldnt survive so I'll say about that is check your theology .
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    Now what did Oyakhilome do?
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    I didnt say Oyakhilome did anything I sismply shot down Oboras assertion that Oyakhilome distancing himself from PFN proves nothing other than the fact that he doesnt consider himself a pentecostal

    Furthermore, Oyakhilome prides himself on being independent. He claims to have a special anointing that requires him too walk independendtly . That is his prerogative if he chooses to believe as such However my only rebuttal to that is that he remember that as specially anointed as Jesus was, he craved the support of his disciples in the Garden of Gethsameme during his season of travail . Suffice to say that I certainly will not recommend the lone ranger approach towards ministry

    As the bible says
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    Hmmm crisis in paradise. I am thinking of going back to my catholic root I am not sure about anything anymore after attending this born again church for 12yrs now. I am questioning some things. Everything involve in money these days. If you dont have it looks like you are really not welcome.This is not one of Jesus teaching. Ofcource what do i know.
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    Orijestafor was not the PFN president when Benny Hinn came to Nigeria and its not hearsay, I watched him on TBN accuse some PFN members of taking part in the Lanre Obembe loot. Is it that you believe that these guys are infallible or what?

    Why did PFN suspend Lanre Obembe if there was no financial impropriety in Benny Hinn's crusade?. he borrowed Adeboye's holy ghost arena(which he happily gave him for FREE) for the crusade that was attended by about 10k people for 3 days while Benny Hinn paid for the upkeep of his crew. What did he spend the $4m on ?

    First of all, Oyakhilome is waxing stronger by the day and I don't see anything wrong with him deciding on whom to hang with. He just doesn't wanna be part of PFN. I am not sure Daniel Olukoya is a PFN member too.

    He made it clear that Oyedepo's wealth giving handkerchief and olive oil shows he is a shaman. Now, I may not agree with him but if you have any biblical evidence to back Oyedepo's theology, let me know. You wrote in your first response about doctrinal differences in the body of Christ; If that is the truth, why is mainstream christianity at loggerheads with the Jehovahs witnesses?. Is it not doctrinal differences that is the problem?
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    Two issues, i believe bring out the bigotry in people and these are, in my opinion, race and religion
    As intelligent as Bapp seems to be, even though i consider him a jerk, he has again sacrificed his brain on the altar of religion
    The issue here is Tunde Bakare decided that his idea of seeing the light is not to follow the things he doesnt believe in. As far as Bapp is concerned, that is causing confusion in the house of the lord. Why cant you simply respect the man and what he believes instead of condemning him
    Like Obiora asked, are these pastors God? Are they infallible? They cant do wrong?
    Just like there are good pastors, there are deceitful ones. As far as i am concerned, a lot of these pastors are rogues and should be locked up because they are using the name of the lord to loot, rape and plunder and if you are not careful, they would lead you to rob in any way you can. Hopefully, Erastus Akingbola would have learnt a few lessons wherever he is today when he was busy financing private jets for pastors i guess he thought he was covered
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    Are you thinking? Dont worry you will eventually. My big sister is married to a Redeemed pastor in London. She agonised for a long time, one Sunday, she woke up and refused to go to her own church. She went to the local Catholic church and according to her, she has never been happier since she made that decision
    Those days when i was in the world, i used to go from one pentecostal church to the other in search of salvation. But the ushers would not let you rest. If they dont show boobs, they would show thighs, and for somebody like me with little or no religion, i will just fall yakata. Those ushers were so easy that you would think you were at Ayilara street. Only God knows who is serving Him jare. Now i have peace in my Catholic church
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    I am well aware of Oritsejafors stance on Obembe and the Benny Hinn saga. However there is a huge Gap between saying that some PFN members were protecting Obembe and saying that PFN was being run like the PDP by Okonkwo and the many other hyperbole laden assertions that you made. IF Okonkwo was running PFN like a mafia like you claim then how come the same Obembe was suspended by PFN by your own admission.?

    Bottom line your narrative doesnt make any sense. You are twistring and turning to make the facts fit abut they wont and No I dont think any of these men is infallible. And That is precisely why I am so protective of them I even disagree with them on many things and actually AGREE with Bakare on many points he makes. For instance I believe that RCCG's treatment of Pastor Ighodalo for remarrying was wrong no doubt due to RCCG's imho erroneous beliefs on the topic of marriage and divorce . I wont even get into Kumuyi and Deeper Life's beliefs but the larger point which you seem to miss is that these are not matters that you go publish in newspapers and cause fights over. So that the likes of DOUCHI can mock and scorn as you can see. I am not affiliated with any of these churches per se hence I have no skin in the game other than my concern over strife in the Body of Christ and NOTHING MORE

    Thanks for the link

    Now here are Benny Hinn's words in full as opposed to the half quote you provided

    The Unedrlined portion tells you precisely where the four million went . Basically Benny Hinn spent more money than needed be for the crowd size and the equipment procured for the crusade.Benny Hinn did not goiive them 4 million which went missing. He spent 4 million unneccessarily. Exactly how does this dovetail with your hyperbole laden conjectural assertions about PFN members like Oritsejafor trying to steal money? Furthermore did you make the effort to hear Obembes side of the story about fuel scarcity at the time which impacted turnout ?

    I really dont care whether or not Oyakhilome joins PFN or not that is his prerogative and I doubt people in PFN are losing sleep over it. Furthermore I am sincerely happy for him that he is prospering NONETHELESS Your assertion that Oyakhilome refusing to join PFN was proof positive of soomething being wrong with PFN was what I was challenging in light of Mr Oyakhilome's oft repeated "I am my own man stance"

    I am not familiar with this supposed Oyedepo doctrine neither is IT really that clear about precisely what Bakare is talking about so I am in no position to defend it or support it. I can say however that all of the other stuff i have read from Oyedepo is solid.

    Having said that I am curious as to why you say you dont agree with Bakares assertion yet you are asking me to defend Oyedepo's doctrine. Isnt that backwards. Shouldnt you be the one defending Oyedepo's doctrine since you have decided you dont agree with Bakares assertion? On what basis do you not agree with Bakare ?

    Furthermore, what about Bakare's own doctrines ?what about his own nonsensical statements about Obama and truth be told there are many who also find his entire latter day doctrine heretical . What about his Obasanjo will go the way of Agag prophesy that God supposedly told him ? Do You see Adeboye or anybody else attacking him in public for his proclamations ?

    Point I am making is that Mr Bakare has a history of Self Righteous Self Serving Egotistical proclamations in the name of standing for righteousness that do nothing but cause strife and division .Being contarian for contrarians sake. To me it comes across as pride Kinda Like Elijah who told God he was the only faithful prophet in Iseal and God told him I have 7000 faithful prophets . It's one thing to take a stance on an issue but his always comes with a scathing cynical attack on somebody else THAT MY FRIEND IS THE DOGGONE POINT .

    Because there is such a thing as the elementary doctrines of Christ that we can not deviate from. Hence the reason why you yourself use the term MAINSTREAM. The Apostle Paul called it MILK . The Jehovah witnesses dont agree with us on the elementary doctrines so of course they are heretical. But when somebody agrees with you on the elementary foundations but differs with you on the deeper things then you should at least show an element of Grace .

    In Matthew 29 Jesus gives the parable of the tares whare he warns about mistakenly rooting wheat with tares IE judging something before the time . That is the danger with proclamations of this nature . You hear sometthing you dont really understand it and then you Immediately shout heresy !! That is wrong!
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    Silence they say is the best answer for mugus. But thanks for the underlined compliment :) Stay in your catholic church and leave pentecotsal matters to pentecostals.
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    Bakare Vs Oyedepo, Adeboye, Kumuyi

    In the aftermath of the blistering criticism of leaders of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye; Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi and Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel, by Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Pentecostal Christian community has been polarized.

    While some church members and pastors have described the radical preacher’s comments as a function of his rabid desire to be in the limelight, even at the expense of others, others said that the fundamentals he raised should be addressed.

    Speaking with Saturday Sun, a visibly agitated Deacon Okpara, Media Officer of Winners Chapel, said: “Whatever Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Day Assembly says remains his own personal opinion and he is entitled to it. As for us in Winners Chapel, we are too busy to be featuring in such drama. As far as I am concerned, my church is not occultic.

    Over 100,000 worshippers come to worship here. Do we bring them by juju? Whatever he said does not change anything. We are busy preparing for Shiloh 2009 with the theme ‘The Hour of Restoration.’
    “Whether the devil likes it or not, it shall be successful. Bishop Oyedepo is not occultic and cannot teach occultic doctrines. He is a renowned man of God. He is a man of integrity, who has affected lives within and outside the country. You should know the kind of pastor that Pastor Bakare is if you have been in the media for long.”

    Okpara refused to have his photograph taken, threatening hell and brimstone.
    When Saturday Sun visited the international office of the RCCG, at the Redemption Camp, on the Lagos-Ibadan Express way, our reporters were asked by one Mrs. Olawole to see a woman heading the legal unit of the church. On the door that leads to her office is written Coordinating Centre.
    However, when asked to react to the burning issues raised by Bakare, she retorted: “It has been the tradition of the Redeemed Christian Church of God not to comment on any issue brought from the media. We are mandated not to speak to the media on any issue. However, you can write an application for an interview and address it to the General Overseer (G.O) and take it to Ebute Metta, where our headquarters is.”

    Indeed, the bespectacled, dark complexioned and robust woman of average height rebuffed every question, saying: “No comments”.
    Saturday Sun wanted to know her name and designation but she said: “Look young man, I cannot tell you my name or my designation because I know you people at The Sun can say that so and so said something that is scandalous. Don’t even describe me. I have told you people what you should know. Good day.”
    Efforts to get the official reaction of the Deeper Life Bible Church, at its international headquarters, Ayobo, Lagos, was unsuccessful, as Kumuyi and his key men were said not be available.

    However, one of the pastors, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “We should pray for him (Bakare). This shows that he’s not following what the holy book says; he’s derailing from what he is preaching. But people should call him to order and bring him back to what we knew to be. The Deeper Life Bible Church is known for truth; people know that the church stands on the truth. Moreover, he did not catch any Deeper Life pastor committing adultery or stealing or doing anything wrong. But even Christ passed through trying period. It will fizzle out in due time.”

    Reacting to Bakare’s interview, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said the pastors involved should be warned. Speaking on behalf of CAN, Engr. Samuel Salifu, general secretary said: “The Bible says it is not by our power but by the Grace of God. So, whatever position we are today, you should always remember that it is not by our works or making, but by His Grace. All this unnecessary bickering and arrogant show of wealth is not the way of Christ. Christian leaders especially, should stop playing God and refrain from unnecessary squabbles and work together for the interest of the church.

    “Christians in Nigeria should always remember that they are Christians under the Grace of God and that they would give account of their stewardship when they appear in Heaven. It is, therefore, unnecessary to engage in petty issues when there is God’s work to be done. The stories in the papers between Pastor Tunde Bakare and Pastor Oyedepo are unnecessary. Whether it is T.B Joshua, Oyedepo or Tunde Bakare, all of them are doing great exploits by the Grace of God. It is not by their works because anything outside the Grace of God will end up to nothing.

    “Christians must be humble and remained focus on the work of God. It is not by bragging on the pages of newspapers. A Christian is expected to do what is right, transparent, humility and honesty. Unfortunately, brethren dwell so much on prosperity.”

    The CAN secretary said that the association does not impose doctrine, adding that churches are free to choose their doctrines. He said: “We don’t impose doctrines on churches. Churches are free to choose whatever doctrine they believe in. But at the end of time, everybody will appear before God and give account of himself. We cannot say one church doctrine is better than the other. It is the business of the church and its members.

    However, we will resist any noticeable act of heresy against the church.”
    Equally, other pastors are reacting. Speaking on the development, Pastor Daniel Ugochukwu of Fruitful Land Ministry International, Ijegun, said: “We have been taught that we are not to judge anybody, not even our colleagues in the ministry. As pastors, God has not committed judgment into the hand of any man. Jesus said He did not come to judge. God has not made any pastor, any person a judge over anything, if we do, it means pulling the hand of God over an image of God.

    “There was a time Jesus gave the parable of a farmer in the Bible: We are to leave the wheat with the chaff, that they should gather all so as not to damage the seed in the process of separating the chaff. A lot of things that are hidden to man today are left for God. There are so many things we try to know when we get to heaven.”

    Ugochukwu described Oyedepo as “one of the great fathers of the gospel we have here in Nigeria.”
    Pastor Folorunsho Ajao, District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, said: “When we mention church, it is supposed to be a forum where people of God meet. Jesus called us to work together and share our problems. The church does not mean that people should not go out for their business and engaging in daily service. Actually, the issue of regular programmes in the church is not bad because it is not compulsory.

    Anyone who attends regular programmes in the church needs it. Otherwise, they will not go. So, it is a matter of choice. Moreover, there is no programme in the church that all attend. For instance, if 1, 000 worshippers are in the church, at least 200 may have time to attend regular church programme, while others go to their businesses. For me, the important issue is to have good purpose. It is unfortunate that some pastors deviate from the godly ways and practise whatever they like.”

    Ajao contended that pastors making their wives automatic pastors, even when they were not called and ordained, is not biblical. According to him, all these things started with the proliferation of churches.
    Pastor Chukwudi Emmanuel Onyeari, Pastor in charge of Christ Divine Ministries, said: “My reaction to the issue of Christianity is that there is no peace among the churches. Under normal circumstances, pastors are supposed to be united, loving one another so as to make progress. But it is unfortunate that we are seeing a different thing due to selfish interests. Apart from that, there is division among Christians themselves. As a pastor, I do not believe in that ideology.

    “On the issues Pastor Bakare raised against some pastors, I believe that everyone has his own calling. For instance, if one has eye problem, he would go to the doctor that treats eye and not teeth ache. Some of us say we are prophets or prophetesses, but we do not know where we are following. For me, I do not address myself as prophet. Rather, I prefer being called a pastor. It bothers me that some of us have messed the whole thing up. Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves questions. Jesus Christ, who we are following was never addressed as an evangelist, pastor, prophet or bishop.

    We know Him as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but today the story is different, everyone wants to be on top for selfish reasons.
    “On the issue of pastors making their wives automatic pastors is wrong. In fact, I observed that such things are common in our churches today. Even when a pastor’s wife is called, she has to go through the right process, the Bible college in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to operate successfully. Bible colleges are not there for fun, it is to train servants of God.

    There is no shortcut or sentiment. There are other things the pastors’ wives, who are not called, can do to help the church grow, not serve as pastors. The major problem is that some pastors refused to obey what the Bible says. We are expected to seek the kingdom first and then all other things shall be added unto them. But today, some us seek all other things first before the kingdom of God.”

    Rev Ifembiri Eugene, President of Divine Mandate Evangelical Outreach Ministry, said: “Concerning the issue, it is a known fact that Pastor Tunde Bakare has been a good contributor to the governance of his nation, directly or indirectly. Many of his prophecies have come to pass. During Obasanjo period, it was due to Bishop Bakare’s stand that made some men of God to be invited during the swearing in.

    I believe he has a spiritual insight. There is a reason and that could point on what is on the ground. You can see that till now none of the seven-point agenda has been fully implemented. That shows that the president is not having absolute power to implement his polices. In spite of that, he is there on the platform of PDP. Fifty per cent of our leaders are there for themselves and never bother about the masses.
    “In the religious sector, some of our pastors are not doing well.

    They deviate from the right path and decide to practise what they feel will favour them. Some of us live bogus and flambouyant lives, not minding how their followers survive. Also, the issue of some of us making our wives pastors without the due process is not in line with true Christian worship. In fact, things have to be done accordingly and there should be no sentiment or favouritism. I served under Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of Deeper Life Church for 10 years. I never knew his wife, Biodun Kumuyi, till she died. But many pastors parade their wives in the ministry. And some of them bring marine spirits into the ministry and use it to pollute other women in the church, who always like behaving like her. If a man has the vision, mission and the direction, he will not marry his ministry with his family. They are two different things.

    Pastor Paul Erakhifu of the United Apostolic Church of Christ said: “What God needs from every pastor is to focus attention on their spiritual callings and not to be distracted by the earthly things. With the way some of us are going, the church of God would soon be fully commercialized. It takes total submission, knowledge of God and commitment to succeed in the pastoral duty. So, those of us in the system should not see it as an ordinary business where money is the target.”

    Rev Emmanuel Aleyakpo of the Church of God Mission, Apapa branch, said of Bakare’s outburst: “I don’t believe that Bishop David Oyedepo is practising occultism. He is a man of God who preaches the word of God and believes in it. For anybody to say he is an occultist based on what he believes in or do, I disagree with it totally. As for the use of anointing oil, it depends on what one believes in, because it is optional. The oil is meant for anointing believers, which is from the Old Testament. When David was to be made a king, he was anointed and the spirit of God came down upon him. Today, many people have also embraced that part of the portion from the Bible.

    “I totally agree with Pastor Tunde Bakare that it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and not the other way round. But if Oyedepo says it is not the symbol of the Holy Spirit but the life of God in a bottle, this does not mean he is an occultic. And that does not also mean that he is right. The truth is that it is a level of people’s understanding. People must understand that it is not the oil that heals believers but their faith in God. The use of oil is a level of one’s belief. Oyedepo, no doubt, is a man that believes in the word of the Lord and preaches it.

    “As for churches preaching about wealth creation, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Serving God does not mean one must be poor. God’s house is a place of salvation, deliverance and prosperity. If people were poor before, people expect you to be prosperous as soon as you give your life to God. He is the giver of everything, including prosperity, so a place of God is a place of wealth. Churches preach idea and knowledge to people on how to make money, which they, in turn, bring back to God. It is God that gives them the wisdom and knowledge on how to make money. So, people should not say churches don’t ask their believers on how they make their money. Nobody prays for criminals or evil-minded people to make money for them. Churches pray for people to make use of their lives and be prosperous. It is the blessing of God we offer. As you are blessed, extend it to others also.

    “On the issue of a pastor’s wife becoming a pastor because of her husband’s position is dependent on their calling. Some people married people who have the same belief as them in order to move their ministry forward. It helps in strengthening the husband in the work of God. However, that does not mean that when a man becomes a pastor, his wife must automatically become a pastor. That is the truth.”

    Pastor Abraham Okoyah said: “As far as I am concerned, I don’t think it is right for anybody to judge the righteousness of another man because it is expressly stated in the scriptures. Every judgment is left in the hands of God. He alone has the right to determine who is doing His will. So, Pastor Tunde Bakare has no right to judge Bishop David Oyedepo. Oyedepo is a man of God, who has advanced in the scripture and has been doing the will of God to the best of my knowledge. For Bakare to regard his preaching and practices as occultic is wrong. I will not toe that line.
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    It is the sign of the times, God is seperating the church, those who go to church for Pastor, Mummy, Daddy, Sister or Broda or that Choir will be left behind. Those who go for God are like Mount Zion they shall not be moved.
  18. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    I am sure he has counsel amongst the diciples in his congregation. When a man doesn't want to follow the "wide" path they should be nothing wrong with it. All this follow follow dey cos problems. Personally I am a lone ranger type.
  19. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    How did ushers enter this equation now?. You observed what you went to see. Why didn't you extend your "usher" adventure into deeper life church and let me see whether you will not get "carried".
  20. allowed

    allowed frankly my dears,

    remove that word religion and replace it with something else.

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