Why Nigerian mega churches fail?

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by obiora, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Why do mega churches in Nigeria fail after a while?. Is it that the holy spirit suddenly disappeared from the church or just bad management?.

    I remember when Oduyemi's church was ebe ano and all of a sudden, it went down even before the pastor died. Same case for Anwuzia's Zoe ministry. mega churches in the states stay overtime instead of running out of fuel.
  2. Faithsnr

    Faithsnr Master Group

    I don't know what to call him, maybe Evangelist Anwuzia. This man literally sat me down to narrate his "rise and fall". We had the discussion on May 11th, 2000 - I had only been in Dallas for two weeks when we had a talk in his office.

    I seriously doubted the power that made him famous in his days, but that's by the way!

    You don't wanna read about his fall. Catastrophe!
  3. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    I don’t think this is only in Nigeria, it involves mega churches everywhere. I think when the focus of the church moves away from God to other things like numbers, how much tithes e.t.c then downfall is not far from them.
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  4. Rosie

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    I like Joel Osteen. he is like a cheap shrink.
  5. RealDeal

    RealDeal Master Group

    I am glad this is happening, maybe these thiefry will died of slow death. Mega church are just mega strip club, where pastors are the pimps, and the congregation are the johns. The only ppl that are getting *** are the members. But wait, I need to start a church to make my millions too before its finally died. I think ppl are have a 2nd thought about the lies they been fed, and tired of planting a seed to the pastors Benz, Mansions and Jet. The preaching of "god" is the disguise, the focus is about $$$. However; I don't think it will ever died, bcus there's a sucker born everyday, and ppl are far gone believing in the fraud, deceit, and hypocrisy.
  6. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Give us some now? What brought him down? women?. I heard oduyemi started gbenshin married women in his church at one point and before you knew it, the church nosedived. Women can make or mar you!. They are the only specie on earth that has that ability.
  7. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Have you considered bad management?. People break away from these churches in most cases and that has a huge effect besides, if the members idolize the pastor like no other, the church will only last as long as the pastor lives. If he dies, the church is gone. Look at Idahosa and see what is remaining of the empire he built while alive.
  8. Rosie

    Rosie Miss One-Liner

  9. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    Bad management ke for God house?

    How many managers did Jesus have when He had his own mega church?
    Even after the crucifixion (the man they loved died) did the church die? Although that fate was prophesized by the Jewish leaders it never came to pass.

    I don't know why Idahosa church fell, but I am sure if the seeds that were planted was on good soil, the roots would be better but if the seeds fell on the way side, had no roots, torns overwhelmed it, and birds ate it up... then viola.

    Has absolutely nothing to do with management skills.
  10. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Jesus didn't have a church how much less management. The problem with so many mega churches is they rely so much on free labour which gives them a bad management. A church like Christ Embassy in Nigeria needs professionals to manage her affairs otherwise it will nosedive like others. Don't you know that churches need crusade/campaign managers like David Axelrod?

    Idahosa fell because they employed the services of his wife and son that knew nothing about the affairs of the church because they were living in the States. No matter how you look at it, the church would have done better if they used veteran elders to propagate the gospel. Of course, some felt like its a family affair and left.

    You don't know what goes behind doors in some Western pentecostal assemblies.
  11. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    You no dey fear?
  12. bapp

    bapp Master Group


    SO out of all the many mega churches that are thriving and are even expanding you can name one or two that failed and you open up a thread with such hyperbole laden topic?

    Anyway Churches fail in Nigeria for the same reason they fail all over the world "FLESH"

    Humans are imperfect, they err, they miss God they Misbehave and so on and so forth

    The real question should be...why does Obiora have a thing for Hyper-Bole ? That may be a thread worth starting . Possible reasons ....He likes attention... he is bored... he has too much time on his hands ....
  13. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    I guess you are using the word church as in the building because I don’t understand how Jesus who was preaching, had people (followers), had disciples (management team), had branches (moved from one area to the other) didn’t have a church. Maybe he didn’t have a building but that sounds like a church to me.

    I think Obiora you are oversimplifying the matter, even if they are paid managers that does not guarantee that they would be there forever, remember it would be a job and they would migrate to best paying job if they have to, no loyalty, no contract, it is just a job plain and simple, if the church is hinged on their managerial skills once they leave then it would nosedive just like when free labor members quit the church mind you David Axelrod must have believed in what Obama was selling.

    How you take know?
    People quit churches for a lot of reasons.

    I don’t think all mega churches have paid managements and I also don’t think that all mega churches with paid management never fall western Pentecostal or not.
  14. Faithsnr

    Faithsnr Master Group

    The inherent sinful nature is responsible for the downfall of God's "servants."

    Man is drawn away from God by the lust in him/her.
  15. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    Do you believe that bad publicity and gen mgmt can ruin a church, yes or no?

    Not in every case. Some lawyers accept your case even though they know it ain't going nowhere. It's called business.

    Because I knew when he died and followed his case closely.
  16. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

  17. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    If you want me to just answer yes or no then I guess you already know the true answer... but you want to win this argument :) so I will give you that one. No talk say I no do anything for you o.

    David was not Obama's lawyer.

    Followed the case closely?:confused: What are you, church gossip, commentator or wendy?
    Maybe in your niche that you trailed, that's the reason they left, some people left partly because they were tired of these politics pulled by that niche for God house.
  18. Lanthano

    Lanthano Extremely Handsome Dude

    Are you thinking of starting one up, and is this market analysis? :spin2:

    Anyway, I think one of the main causes is over-control and centralisation. That's why Redeemed have done so well - they've encouraged people to set up churches far afield with a high degree of autonomy, so they don't have to worry too much about whether 'Baba' approves of what they are doing or not.
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  19. chiomze

    chiomze Dr. Know Know Aproko-itis

    Same goes for Christ Embassy, they practiced the cell unit and break everyone into cells. You have a pastor (cell leader), choir, usher e.t.c everyone in their small group everyone is active, you don't feel lost in the process.
  20. obiora

    obiora Oforkansi

    True; Redeem also decentralized their ownership rights like orthodox churches. The fact that she is not owned by a particular family is a big plus.

    If i dey start one, will you bring me members?. Not members like Buda that will come there and ask prying questions instead of sitting quietly and listening to what i've got to say. members like him will be bad for business because all they do is plant the seen of doubt inside your laity. Female members are the best in building a church...Lord, they are so loyal to the pastor.

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