Can you dance like we dance? Write as well as any of our contributors? The steps may look easy, but it is a very strenuous dance. We celebrate Nigerians everywhere.

WHAT WE PUBLISH: Original articles, travelogues, opinions, interviews…all addressing themes and events Nigerian, Nigeria-related. Diaspora issues are important to us, since this is a site owned by Nigerians in America. We also accept the occasional book excerpts, Africa and world articles. Full scale literary works are published on our sister site,

All contributions must be written with great care and from the heart. We are particularly interested in inspirational pieces and true-life experiences. We’re always looking for new columnists and we do consider works previously published elsewhere, as long as it is yours to give out. Please provide a brief biodata and scanned photo if you can.

WHAT WE DON’T PUBLISH: As much as we want to be balanced, this website addresses the needs of Nigerians first and above all others. That means we’re going to stick our head in the sand. We’re not interested in any writing that one-sidedly or unfairly denigrates Nigeria or Nigerians. There is more than enough of that on other websites, thank you.

EDITING: Submissions may be edited for brevity and clarity. We try hard to read anything and everything!

‘Sola Osofisan